I am an Assistant Professor of psychology, computer science and the Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI) at University of Southern California and a Research Fellow at ARTIS. I am also the PI of USC’s Computational Social Sciences Laboratory (CSSL). My research interests include computational social sciences and psychoinformatics. Specifically, I’m interested in using AI techniques to investigate cross cultural differences in decision making evident in various cultural products (e.g. stories, weblogs, news articles). I’m also interested in cognitive and computational modeling of different aspects of cognition, including causal, counterfactual and analogical reasoning. My research approach consists of both conducting psychological experiments and computational cognitive modeling. I received my Ph.D. and MS from Northwestern University and MS and BS from University of California at Los Angeles.

Perspective PhD Students: I am currently looking for PhD students, both in psychology and in computer science, interested in Social Media analysis and Decision Making. Please send me your CV and any related previous research.