Date: August 20th, 2014
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picI am an Assistant Associate Professor of psychology, computer science and the Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI) at University of Southern California. I am also the PI of USC’s Computational Social Sciences Laboratory (CSSL). My research spans the boundary between psychology and artificial intelligence, as does my education. My work investigates properties of cognition by using documents of the social discourse, such as narratives, social media, transcriptions of speeches and news articles, in conjunction to behavioral studies. My research interests include: 1. Human Values 2. Theory Constrained Natural Language Processing 3. Neuro-Semantic Representations. I received my Ph.D. and MS from Northwestern University and MS and BS from University of California at Los Angeles.

To view the list of my publications please visit USC’s Computational Social Sciences Laboratory website, or my USC home-page.

Prospective PhD Students: I am always looking for PhD students, both in psychology and in computer science, interested in the intersection of these fields. Please send me your CV and any related previous research.

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